Thousands of online marketers and affiliate marketers have started their online businesses successfully by following these simple steps.

  1. Make up your mind to succeed
  2. Create a plan
  3. Set up a Business Blog
  4. Set up your Autoresponder
  5. Choose a Product
  6. Get Traffic and start making sales
  7. Grow your List of Subscribers

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    • 1. Make up your mind to succeed:

You need to examine your feelings and think about what you really want to do, and make up your mind to succeed. Mindset

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Power Mindset Mastery
Power Mindset Mastery
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    • 2. Create a plan:

Every business online or offline should have a plan. Stick to your plan for at least 30 days, then review your progress. If you go to work for some company or business, it will normally take them 30 days to give you your first pay check.

Suggested Resources:

Goal Setting Powerhouse
Goal Setting Powerhouse
Reaching Your Goals May Be Easier Than You Think!
. The Importance Of Goal Setting
. Short-Term Vs Long-Term Goals
. Effective Goals Are Always Written
. Define Your Goals
. Prioritize Your Goals
. Set Specific Goal Deadlines
. Eliminate Distractions And Track Your Progress
. Conclusion
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    • 3. Get a Business Blog:

Get a WordPress blog set up (we offer you one when you join Tee2 Online Sales Profit Hub). Use our free tools to customize your website.

Work from home

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Blog for Profit (Video Tutorials)


How To Start A Blog For Profit
How To Start A Blog For Profit
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Content Syndication Pack
Content Syndication Pack
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    • 4. Set up your Autoresponder:

Get an Autoresponder – this is really essential, we can’t stress enough how essential this is.

Envelope Showing E-mail Online To Communicate Information

Suggested Resources:

The following video tutorials will teach you how to use this and how to choose you affiliate products to promote.

Set up your Autoresponders here.

    • 5. Get a Product to Sell:

Start with affiliate products. We offer you loads of product to sell when you join Tee2ops hub. You can either set up some of these products as yours, make 100% profit, or use our ready to sell products and make 90% in commissions. There are also tons of affiliate websites such as Clickbank where you can find more affiliate products to sell. Affiliate products help you cut shot the business set up time, so you can start promoting your product faster.  Once you start making money and you get a hang of the game, you can start setting up your own products.

Suggested Resources:

Again the following resources will show you how to do this:

Promote our ready to sell products  (90% commissions – no set up needed)

One Tip You Would Give To A New Affiliate
One Tip You Would Give To A New Affiliate
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    • 6. Get Traffic:

Promote your products to prospective customers. There are two types of traffic, paid and free. With free traffic, it may take some time to build a subscriber list, but paid traffic is more targeted and can bring in more leads and sales faster.

Web Traffic Course

Suggested Resources:

The following resources will show you how to do this:

Traffic Blueprint

  1. Traffic Blueprint 01 YouTube in organic search
  2. Traffic Blueprint 02 YouTube relevance SEO watch time
  3. Traffic Blueprint 03 YouTube clickable links
  4. Traffic Blueprint 04 Live events embedded google hangouts
  5. Traffic Blueprint 05 Solo Ads
  6. Traffic Blueprint 06 Product creation
  7. Traffic Blueprint 07 Forum signature marketing
  8. Traffic Blueprint 08 Amazon Kindle
  9. Traffic Blueprint 09 QR code offline traffic
  10. Traffic Blueprint 10 Udemy

    • 7. Continue to Grow your List of Subscribers:

Build a subscriber list. Big companies commit a lot of money to building their subscriber list. This is key to online marketing. That is why Step 4 and Step 6 work together and are so important. This is a continuous process. The more people on your subscriber list, the more sales you are likely to make. So make sure you go through each video suggested in steps 4 and 6 make notes.Subcribe

Suggested Resources:

How to build a huge list of loyal subscribers

Email Marketing Expert Pack
Email Marketing Expert Pack
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The Entrepreneur Code
The Entrepreneur Code
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