My Marketing Tools

My Marketing Tools

To get buyers to your products/services you need marketing tools. These are installed along with your WordPress Business site.

We pre-install great plugins with your website, these plugins will help you with the following task:

  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer management
  • Email marketing and news letters
  • Social media marketing

The main features include:

  • Form builder – provides templates and help you create web forms that capture user information and emails. Examples of forms you can build:
    • Subscriber form to collect emails
    • Schedule a demo of your product
    • Give out free guide in exchange for emails
    • Membership forms
    • Testimonial form
  • Landing page builder – easily create custom landing pages and start to gather leads (a list of prospective customers) online.
  • CRM – you will be able to manage and communicate with your customers and leads
  • Web Stats – you can gain insight into website performance and your customer behavior, this will help you take informed actions which can lead to more sales.
  • Email campaigns – send emails to your leads or newsletters to your customers, using great looking templates. This plugin also gives you the ability to track your email opens and get advanced reporting for your marketing campaigns.
  • Analytics -understand your site visitors better.
  • Live Chats – connect with your visitors in real time, schedule appointments and send targeted emails.

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