What is included in this system?

  • A WordPress business space
  • Free installation of your WordPress website
  • Marketing and sales tools – pre-installed on your website
  • Developer tools – templates and video assets
  • Royalty free stock images, audio and videos
  • Free online business eBooks
  • Training – over 300 training videos and counting
  • Continous update of resources
  • Products and Services you can sell or promote

What type of income opportunities do you provide?

All our income opportunities are established businesses that are already running. All you need to do in most cases is setup your white label platform and start making sales.  They are all ‘done-for-you’.

We also have bundled products you can customize and sell as your own (based on the license).

What do you mean by ‘done-for-you’ business?

It means these are established businesses and there are four ways you can generate income from these businesses.

  1. You can promote businesses that pays you 54% residual commissions or more.
  2. You can become an agency with your own brand and name, and get paid for all the work you send through to your backend company.
  3. You can become a reseller and get paid for all the customers who buy from your free online storefront.
  4. Tell us about your dream business and we will build your online presence for you from start to finish.

What is a Backend company?

A backend company is an established online company that offer expert services. They take care of all orders you receive from your clients or customers and deliver to you. All you must do is setup your agency or your website in your own name and brand, and send prospective customers to your business site.

Where do I get customers?

Part of our training programs includes teaching you how to generate leads and find prospective customers. The business we link you up with will also provide the necessary training you need to make sales.

How Soon will I make sales?

That depends on you. Some people can start making sales instantly while some take a while. Take time to go through our step by step training videos which you can access immediately you sign up.

Why do I need to pay a membership fee?

  • The membership fee include payment for providing you with our premium training resources. All the training videos and resources we provide to you are either created by us or licensed to us. Licensed training resources cannot be provided free.
  • Your fee includes administrative and hosting cost
  • As an agency, we continually provide you service until you cancel. This include keeping you up to date with the industry and informing you of new income opportunities via the hub newsfeed, and a newsletter delivered my email. These involves a cost.

Why do I have to pay for my business?

A business system that create goods for sale or provide services to make gains. Every business needs investment. The major type of investments involved in a business is money, time and work (to produce value someone else is willing to pay for). In most cases you need to invest in these three.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes of course. You can cancel anytime. Just send us a cancellation request by contacting support, using our contact page.

Do you guarantee Income?

No one can guarantee income. If you take up a business opportunity and you do not take steps to promote your business, you will not make any income. The good news is we have all the training you need, and we are here to support you, because when you make money we also make money.

Why should I work with an establish business?

  • You will save time and lots of money.
  • You stop wasting time and money on trying and skip the guess work and start earning.


Any more questions? Contact us